Go Fund Me

Hey everyone

Firstly a massive thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to my go fund me page. Thank you so much.

I’ve taken the bold move of deciding to create a go fund me page to raise money for further rehabilitation.

This decision has taken me a long time as I feel embarrassed for asking friends, family and complete strangers for money to help me. I’ve always been the kind person that stands on their own two feet and figures out how to pay for things. I can’t do that anymore and rehabilitation costs aren’t cheap.

I want to be able to give myself the best chance of recovery to the fullest. I don’t want to be looking back in years to come and wondering if if I’d of tried this treatment with my leg be working better or if I tried this treatment would I have more use of my arm.

The biggest hurdle of all of my recovery is cost. It costs a lot.

The bigger picture isn’t just me it’s for me to then be able to go on and help other people in my situation or a similar situation. So that they can have a more independent life and not feel like a burden on friends or family why I do sometimes. To be able to push themselves into gaining more movement in their arm, or their leg or Multiple limbs. Because no one knows what the human body can achieve or what recovery the brain can make.

If you can help at all I’d really appreciate it.


Laters 💋

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