1st day at Danesbury 

03/07 TODAY IN THE DAY I LEAVE THIS PLACE. 3 DAYS OF HELL ARE OVER. I have to be up at 7am to get myself ready. Jade the physio assistant came into my room and asked my to write to her with an update of how I was getting on. I arrived at Danesbury at 10:00am. Checked out my new room. I am sharing with a old woman called . I had two women armed with a wheelchair come into my room who looked official. I knew that they were to do with my exercise. Sarah was the Physio and Ana was the OT. They got me in to the wheelchair and took my to the Gym to give me a assessment to see what my capabilities are. That was ok I. I did get a but worried and nervous but it was ok in the end. I then got wheeled to the dinning room for lunch. That wasn’t fun. Kind of put in a situation that I no control over. I have to remember I don’t have complete control everything. Mum and Diane came up to have a nose about, and see what it was all about. I had a nurse called Adrian he seems nice. Another health worker called Abdul and he is a crazy funny man who had taken the piss out of me since I have arrived


Overtime I am hoping that I can get friends that came to visit me and also members of my family to write how they’ve seen things from their eyes.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes I will write things on here and they will be funny (or they might just be funny to me) and sometimes they will be dark because I will try and write this as honestly as possible.

The beginning 

I hope you have read my brief history on what I have been through in the last 7months.

I am going to upload a lot of my diary entries from when I was in Danesbury, also since I have left hospital and my day-to-day life and the challenges that I face. I am doing this to hopefully inspire othersothers who are going through a similar situation and to talk to other people to get advice on how they have dealt with situations that they’ve been through. When something like a A brain trauma injury you have to learn how your brain functions all over again and that’s a really scary place to be. But through love care and support from my partner Debbie, our parents, siblings and friends I am slowly on the road to recovery and it is a long road but I will get there one day.

Tough times don’t last……..but tough people do!