4,5,6th March 2016

4th we went over to see Bec and the little monkey that is Erin. Nigel was there too so it was nice to catch up with him too. Bec was going the cakes for Erin’s birthday party tomorrow so I tried to help while Deb and Nigel entertained Erin. 

If anyone out there is reading this, who is going through the same as me and slowly regaining the use of limbs. Do you have small children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren? Do your friends? I ask because I find that being around Erin and/or Jess (great-nieces aged 2 & 4) they don’t look at me as having a disability. Instead they pass things to my right hand, try and get me to dance (I couldn’t dance before this happened and sure as hell cant at this moment in time). They don’t care and that gives me motivation. They don’t judge try just try and encourage me to.

Spoke to my mum and she is all good. It’s the weekend people. I hope there isn’t too many hangovers tomorrow.

5th Graham (Deb brother) came over to watch the North London grudge match Tottenham v Arsenal. I’m a Gunners fan and he is Spurs…..well someone has to be ha ha just kidding Graham. Was a good match Arsenal were in front then Coquelin made a pointless and stupid tackle that got him sent off…….plank!! Spurs scored twice in the space of about 5mins to go ahead but we fought back with 10men and got an equaliser. 2-2 final score. (I could this as a job match reporting). 

After the match we went over to Becs again for Erin’s birthday party. Saw little Jess too. I pigged out on cakes and felt a bit sick. It was lovely to catch up with people. 

We got home and I was in bed by half 9 I was proper shattered from the day. A lot of brain energy used.

6th Mothers Day I sent my card on Friday 1st class too, no scrimping, and it still didn’t get there in time! Deb went with her dad to her nan’s grave to plant some new flowers and give it a tidy up and weed it. I sat down with a cuppa and called my mum and had a little chat with her. She is such a strong woman. 

In the evening Kath, Sarah & Becs came round. Becs done my nails. It’s so weird when she uses the buffer, it’s sends my nerves crazy. I closed my eyes to see if could feel what finger she was working on by the sensation I was getting. I got it wrong just like I did when I was back home with family and played a guessing game with Maddie. It’s hard now but it will get better with time. Sarah gave massages to each of us, creating individual oils us. I laid on the bed for mine as I wasn’t confident that I would be able to get on to my back on her massage table. It was a wise move as my right arm got stuck, I couldn’t move it, Sarah had to move it for me. I recommend a massage to anyone and I recommend it if you aren’t very/not mobile, it helps circulate the blood. Sarah was surprised at how cold my calf was. I felt totally relaxed after infact so relaxed that I was asleep by 10pm.

Laters 💋 

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