7th March 2016

Woke at 6:30am feeling fully refreshed. I slept really well last night all thanks Sarah’s massage. 

So let’s kick butt. Started the day by gracefully sliding off the bed onto the floor. Lets attempt some walking on my knees to help strengthen my hips. Then cheaters push ups to build strength in my shoulder. Some leaning on each side to build strength (plus if I fall over the drop isn’t far).  Today when I got up off the floor I looked like I the old days after a night out. Clinging onto the bed for dear life, while trying to get my brain and legs to communicate. By the time I was standing I was in the stage of hangover……..you know the stage where your head is aching and your thinking to your self ‘well it was a good idea at the time…..but I’m not doing that again!!’.  Only thing is that I can’t do that……everyday is hangover day. Ok then it was time for a cuppa and to recharge the batteries again.  Cuppa drank it was now time to go back to bed…..night! I wish. Now it was time for some more exercise to be done. While lying on my back I was pushing my right arm up to the ceiling, then lowering it gently, then instead of lowering it back down I put hand to forehead then back up. Knees in bent position and arms by my side, concentrated on keeping knee in position no allowing it to move in anyway. Some hip raises, pelvic tilts…….body is now not happy with me. 

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