7th March 2016 continued…..

Sorry totally shattered last night to carried on this morning………quick recap someexercises completed……body isn’t happy with me!!!…… 

While Deb watched The Walking Dead I had a shower. Once I was dressed I went for a stroll around the block while Deb got herself all sorted (plug is blocked now) as she was going swimming with Erin later. I got back from my walk (at this time I think even the undamaged part of my brain dislikes me) and Deb couldn’t find her swimming costume. It was panic central. I said I would help to look for it (yep body super unhappy now). I found the costume!! Body is liking me slightly as it enjoys the glory. 

We get to Becs and Erin is excited to be going swimming. We all get in the car and Erin has a bit of a meltdown as she has to take her frozen backpack off to sit in her car seat (I know I shouldn’t laugh but it happened every time she has to get back into the car as the day goes on it was a little bit funny). Becs and I sat in the viewing gallery well Debbie and Erin went to the parent and toddler group. Deb is really good with Erin in the pool. They worked well together and although they didn’t follow instruction completely (bearing in mind she’s only two years old) they really very well. 

After we went and had a look at some sofas does, just small two seater sofa bed and the prices are astronomical so one that one is kind of on hold at this moment in time. Becs got herself and emergency doctor’s appointment because she has really really bad chest so myself and Deb we looked after Erin can also help to tidy up from the party on Saturday. Becs has got some drugs to take as she has been diagnosed with bronchitis. The poor girl. 

Got home and my body was shattered. Watched a film relaxed and tried to write my blog but failed. So now it’s finished for yesterday 7th.

Laters 💋

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