8th March 2016

I started the day with some exercise again. Back down onto the floor I go. Within seconds of my knees getting the floor, my body wasn’t happy with me. I walked in my knees (with a little bit of help from the bed) from one side to the other and then backwards back (with a little more help from the bed). Next it was time for some cheaters push ups. I managed 5 before my knees started hurting. 

So time to ungracefully get off the floor. 

Now back on the bed. Ok let’s start with a bit of mindfulness. Lying on my back eyes closed, then I move my left foot around and try to feel what muscles are used for different angles. Keeping my eyes closed I then switch off all the muscles in my right leg and then try to connect the muscles I want to move my right foot. When I get to a nerve blockage then that is where I engage the mindfulness to start to build those bridges. Mindfulness is an important part of my rehab. 90% of my recovery comes from the brain, connecting the nerves and reminding it the I have limbs on my right side.

Now time to move some limbs. So let’s do some pelvic tilts. Then some bridging and then add in pushing through my right side more than my left (it’s good for the stomach and bum too). Knees bent I then done some knees twists lowering my legs from side to side. A bit of knee hugging.  Ok enough leg love now time for some arm love. Guide with my left arm I got my right arm up and then I took my left arm away. Ok now keeping control reaching up as far as possible. Giving my shoulder a stretch. Then when I stretched again I tried to turn my wrist so I could see my palm. A couple were good but then communication was lost and after a few attempts at establishing the connection again I decided to change activities. Arm back in the air and now I had to control it to touch my lips and then straight up again. I’m slowly getting better control  of my arm and it’s a great feeling to have. I just need to use mindfulness on my hand/wrist like I do on my foot/ankle.

Up and breakfast. After Deb picked out some units so we could create an office area in the spare room. So Deb went to Argos and I done the washing up. This is where I use the mindfulness. Completely focusing on holding a mug, plate, bowl, cutlery in my right hand while I wash it out of my left. It helps in re-establishing function in my hand. It it gets harder the more things I have to wash out but that’s only because my brain is having to make that connection and having to work hard and doesn’t want to it want to take the easy option. I think that is a another battle altogether. Are you prepared to battle with your brain to get things to connect again or are you just going to take the easy option? 

Sarah (Headway) came to see me today. We had a catch up and then I was given a cognitive test to see how/if there has been any improvement. There has been some which is very good and some areas have stayed the same. Still plenty to improve on though.

Deb built flat pack things while I attempted to make a cake. So cake mix, eggs, oil, a hand whisk and 1.5 armed Claire……..what could go wrong? As it turns out not much. There was a bit of cake mix splattered here and there but that was to be expected. I will take a pic and put it up on here. I will also do the same with the new office area.

Deb parents came over this afternoon. Deb and David went to get the bits to finish of the kitchen island and Kath and me watched tv. The returned empty handed as the cutting machine in wickes was broken but they knew exactly what they will be going back to get. So we all had a lovely dinner of pulled pork, chicken legs, salad and new potatoes all cooked by Deb. For dessert we all had a slice of the cake.

A very productive day.

Laters 💋

3 thoughts on “8th March 2016”

  1. wow! Claire, what a lot of work you’re doing…. and then you type it all up….. you’ve got so much determination….such self discipline…jeepers, after this what a focused powerhouse you’ve become. In other words you sound fantastic… love youxx

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