6th Feb 2016 (snot update)

I have pretty much slept for two days. So no stories to tell…..unless you want to hear stories of snot balls. Everything isn’t so blocked anymore but I’m still full of cold. I felt really bad last night as my parents are here for the weekend and I couldn’t stay up talking with them as my head hurt so much. On a scale of 1-10 I feel about a 6 today. So we shall see how we go.

Time for a cuppa.

Laters 💋

4th Feb 2016 

Not feeling on this planet at the moment. Sorry full of cold at the moment. It’s really bad as it is in my head and sinuses. The only way I can describe it is like this:

Any fit and healthy human when you get a cold you go from feeling 100% to say 70%, but for me and the same for several people who have had a brain injury, i’m only running at 80% so once I get a cold I drop about 50% and it’s horrible feel completely knackered and tired. 

I am so going to sleep like I have been doing all day and rest up and get better hopefully I’ll be back on here soon in a better mood. 

Time to spend some quality time with my duvet and Kleenex with an added dose of cold and flu tablets for good measure.

Laters 💋

2nd Feb 2016

WOW!!! What I hectic day I had. Infact this is a busy week for me. 

In the 1st a had my HaBiT group and there was only myself and Jeff again with Sarah and Margaret. We focused on concentration. Which is a problem area for me. Some would probably say it’s always been one of my weak points! At this moment in time in there is a lot of background noise I can’t concentrate on the particular a task. And if the telly is on I cannot try to read. It’s crazy. It can get you down if you allow it to.

So today I started the 3week animation course. I LOVE it!! It’s ignited my love for animation again. Hopefully I can move it forward in some way. We had the 5 different styles shown to us.  I remember Traditional (how Walt Disney started), Animation (how it’s done today), StopGo (like the Lego videos on YouTube)……3 out of 5 isn’t bad. I want to learn so much more. It’s just a bit of a shame that can only go for 2 out of 3 hrs as I have to get to Danesbury for my upper limb group. 😪 but if I don’t get to upper limb group then I will miss out on physio too. Upper limb group could you move to a wed please that would be fab.

In upper limb group we focused on the lumbricle muscles. The ones we use for picking up things. The shape you get if you make the gesture that someone is chatting a lot. I had a little breakdown. I say little but it was quite big and finished with a storm out. I say storm……more so a hobble-storm out as this is a very hard task for me to achieve thanks to my double jointedness!! I get very frustrated at how I can’t keep control of my muscles/nerves especially in my thumb, index finger and little finger. Ahhhhhhh!! I came back and concentrated and I’m slowly taking control of the little buggers.

This was followed with Physio. We works on strength for my legs. Up/downs to a chair, marching on the spot. We busted out a few ballet moves in the bars. I wouldn’t of succeeded at ballet because as my parents say……….I’m such a fairy elephant. Yeah I’ve never been dainty. The session was finished off with some work kneeling on the floor. 


Dinner this evening was at the inlaws. Cottage pie and veg with Apple & Blackberry crumble for afters. Stuffed. Totally stuffed.

Laters 💋

29th Jan 2016

Had a restless nights sleep. Was very hot and kept getting tangled in the duvet. Was awake again at 5:30am. Deb made a cuppa and I thought I would check on how many of you lovely people out there had read my latest blog…….0…….and that is because brain fart here thought she had published it, but had saved it as a draft instead. So it was posted at about 6am. 

Sitting here with my cup of coffee, massage machine on my right wrist to help the sensation and CogMed in front of me……..lets do this!!! If my CogMed score is anything to go by today is going to be hard. I really struggled with it today. If you are not doing so well and it think you need a rest it will give you a time out for 15sec………..and I got THREE!! Fail!! 

Ok next focus is exercise………..

Decided that I needed the help of the hornets to give me power to exercise. Worked on my walking today. Concentrating on getting my leg to swing through instead of hitching and swinging round. That was hard. Stretching the muscles to loosen then so I could try and manipulate them into position. Then went to the stairs and we had a go at a bit of step aerobics. It wasn’t as coordinated as you see on TVs. Far far from it but we had a go. It’s good for hip movement and building up strength in the legs.

Body = knackered. Function this afternoon in minimal.

Evening Deb watched The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers and not just the normal version oh no……the extended version. I couldn’t remember watching the first one so Deb gave a recap. It was so entertaining I should have recorded it. I will when we watch the final film in the trilogy.

Laters 💋

28th Jan 2016

Was awake at stupid o’clock this morning. 4:30 to be precise!! Deb was too. So she got up made a cuppa for both of us, then got herself ready for and was gone. So I decided that 5am was too early so went back to sleep until 9. 

Deb has started dieting to loose weight, I want to follow her drive and loose weight too as I have gained quite a substantial amount. So made myself some porridge. I fulling meal so I don’t snack and slow energy releasing so I don’t reach for the chocolate bar booster!! 

Went out on the roof terrace after brekkie as the sun was beating down. Took Asbo with me as he wanted to go out. So while watching the world go by, I focused on my leg stretches. It was beautiful out there. 

I am thankful that we have an Wii and the Xbox Kinect. Even though the Wii fit game give me a age of 67 at the moment!!! In time that will improve and will have more balance and control. With these to consoles I can join in the fun.

I decided that I would go into town as it would a nice day and it would be a change of scenery for me. So off I went woolly hat to keep out the cold. Because concentrating on walking right is a workout all of its own and I get so hot, I  can count how many times this winter I have had a coat on on both hands. It’s crazy. So off I go towards the bus stop, which is about a 10min walk for me, only to find when I get there that it bus stop is closed!! Great!! There goes that idea!! I could walk to the next bus stop but the I wouldn’t have the energy to actually walk anywhere once I got into town. So walked back to the flat gutted. 

Deb get home and cooked a lovely dinner. We had steak strips, Greek salad and jacket potato. Tonight was a chill out night.

Laters 💋